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APGC BCOM/BBA/BCA- Days celebrations

Asia Pacific Group of Colleges
(B.Com, BBA, BCA)


Days Celebration – 2023
Date Day Theme
09/01/2023 Monday Executive Day
(be in Formals)
10/01/2023 Tuesday Bollywood day
( Show your favourite cinema character)
11/01/2023 Wednesday SIGNATURE DAY (autograph please)
12/01/2023 Thursday Mis-Match Day
( be creative, be different)
13/01/2023 Friday Traditional Day
( show your indianess)

1. During days celebration Lecture Timings will be the same as per time table. Days’ celebration will be in third lecture only. Entry will be NOT allowed between the lectures.
2. The students should maintain proper discipline and follow the guidelines laid by faculties and staff members.
3. No college property should be damaged directly or indirectly by any student at any cost. If any objectionable activity gets witnessed, the college stands the authority to cancel the days’ celebration.
4. Special category: Best Social media reel/Vlog/ Photos/video/Short Film related to all the days in the college will be posted in the official social media pages of the college.

Terms & conditions apply.

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